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A temporary guardianship solution may be best for child

Not everyone has an ideal family unit and living situation. Sometimes family strife or other issues can cause a child’s home life to be less than ideal. If a child is living in a poor or toxic home environment with their parent or other legal guardian, it may be time for a change. A new guardianship arrangement can be made to benefit the best interests of the child.

The nature of a guardianship child custody arrangement is to give temporary legal and/or physical custody to a person other than a child’s parent. It could be a grandparent, a family friend or other important person in that child’s life. Sometimes a tragic life event causes upheaval for a child. This is where a guardianship arrangement can come in to help stabilize and benefit a child’s life even in tough times.

Guardianship child custody arrangements can be tailored to fit a child and the family’s needs and lifestyle. Much in the way that child custody arrangements are tailored to the best interests of child, as will guardianship arrangements be customized in the same way. While the events leading up to a guardianship arrangement can be difficult for a child, see guardianship as the stability and security they need. Children thrive in an environment where they are well-cared for and loved.

All children should be given this crucial support during this delicate time in their life. A child’s best interests can be served by many people in their life, not just their parents. Adults do not always make the most responsible decisions or are otherwise unable to. A guardianship arrangement can help to fill child’s most basic needs and to a satisfactory level.