An Attorney Who Has Walked In Your Shoes

Divorce issues can be complicated and personal

At its most basic definition, a divorce is the legal end to the legal relationship known as marriage. When two people marry they agree to hold jointly certain rights and responsibilities, namely to maintain any financial obligations that they take on together, support any children that they have together and a multitude of others. In Massachusetts, individuals choose to marry each and every day.

However, each and every day Massachusetts residents also choose to end their relationships in divorce. When they do they file the appropriate paperwork that must be filed with the appropriate courts. They begin the process of untying their lives from those of their spouses and returning their relationship statuses to single.

Divorces are rarely this simple, though, as most married couples have woven their lives together so deeply that the process of divorce delves into the financial and personal identities. For example, a couple that has been married for decades may share real estate, business holdings, investments and other financial assets. Separating what they own in a property division negotiation may be a difficult and technical process.

Additionally, couples who share young children may run into significant hurdles as they come to terms with child custody planning. No parent wants to imagine a world in which they get anything less than full time custody with their child but, when divorce occurs, parents often must accept that their children will not always be present in their homes.

Divorce is not easy and rarely can be made easy. However, the process of ending a marriage can be managed with the help of an experienced family law attorney. Attorney Claudette-Jean Girard knows that divorce is much more than bringing a relationship to its end – it is about preserving as much of a life as possible when a significant relationship dissolves. To learn more about how she may help you handle the many difficult aspects of your divorce, please visit Claudette-Jean Girard through her law firm’s website.