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Who will care for your child if you are unable to do so?

Massachusetts parents would often do anything for their children to ensure that the youths are well provided for, happy, healthy, educated and thriving. Parents are willing to make incredible sacrifices for their kids to provide them with the opportunities that the parents did not have in their lives. However, one of the most fundamental steps a parent can take to ensure that their child has a loving future is often neglected.

No one wants to think about circumstances that may leave a parent unable to take care of their child, but every day throughout the country children are placed with individuals outside of their homes. If a parent becomes medically incapacitated, is found to be abusive or have substance abuse problems or otherwise cannot take care of their child then that child may be placed with a guardian. A guardian is an adult who becomes a child’s legal representative during the time the child’s parent is unable to care for them.

Parents can choose their own guardians for their children; these preferences will often be honored if parents are medically incapable of taking care of their kids, or if the parents pass away. Parents who lose custody of their kids may see their children placed with guardians within their families or outside of their families depending upon what the courts determine to be in the children’s best interests.

Guardianship is an often ignored part of the law in Massachusetts, but Claudette-Jean Girard, attorney at law, makes it an integral part of her comprehensive family law practice. Parents who wish to learn more about the guardianship laws of the state and who desire to select potential guardians for their kids are encouraged to contact the legal professionals of her firm for a consultation.