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Can I relocate out of state with my child?

Moving can be a big upheaval in the life of a Springfield family. Even when a family moves together with both parents supporting each other as they pick up their lives and plant new roots in an unfamiliar place, the changes that naturally happen from such an event can cause challenges for adults and children alike. When a parent plans to relocate with their child and such a move could upset the custodial arrangement they have with the child’s other parent, the process can be much harder.

Generally a parent who wants to move out of state with their child must first seek the permission of the child’s other parent. If the parents agree that the move serves the child’s best interests and they can continue to co-parent despite the relocation then securing necessary changes to a child custody and visitation plan may be relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, though, not all noncustodial parents support the relocation of their children and will not give such permission.

In such an event a parent may seek the permission of the courts to secure the power to relocate with their child. A court will weigh the evidence provided by the parents regarding why the move will or will not be beneficial for the child and in the end will decide if the parent may make the relocation happen. Parents who foresee moves in their futures may wish to begin investigating the legal process sooner rather than later so as not to run into avoidable complications as they approach their anticipated relocation dates.

Relocation can be hard on any child, especially those who have to split their time between the households of their divorced or separated parents. To ease the process for everyone involved it can be helpful for parents to understand their legal and custodial rights before they jump into the process of relocating their children out of Massachusetts by consulting with family law attorneys.