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Child custody modification can be made if unfit custody scenario

If you and your child’s parent have a child custody arrangement that needs an overhaul, you should be considering how a child custody modification could benefit your family. Depending on the circumstances, the custody arrangement may need modification for a number of reasons. Maybe the child is getting older and needs or wants a different arrangement based on their school or work schedule. Maybe one or the other parent has had a hard time sticking to the original arrangement for whatever reason. There are ways to legally amend the existing child custody arrangement to make it a better arrangement for you and your family.

Child custody arrangements outline the rights and responsibilities of each parent to each other and to their child. The child’s best interests are always at the heart of these decisions. If, for any reason, the child’s best interests are no longer being met by the original child custody arrangement, it may be time to alter that arrangement.

In Massachusetts, those looking for a child custody modification, return to state family law court in order request a change in the child custody arrangement. Whether this be parenting time, legal custody decisions or even child support modification, all concerns can be aired in this capacity.

Claudette Jean-Girard is an attorney who has represented hundreds of families and their best interests during the child custody process. A change in parental circumstance can greatly vary the child’s best interests and it can be addressed by custody modification.

As a parent, your children are undoubtedly, the light of your life. Ensuring their well-being and happiness is likely at the top of your list. If a custody change needs to happen in order to ensure a child’s well-being, it is often worth the legal process. Each change to a child’s custody arrangement requires specialized care and attention. Our law firm’s website contains more information about child custody modifications and other family law topics.