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Protecting Fathers’ Parental Rights

When it comes to the dissolution of marriage, nothing is more important than the best interests of the couple’s children. I understand the stress of divorce involving children because I went through it myself. As a family law attorney, I value using my personal experience to help clients in Central and Western Massachusetts work through the complicated, emotionally charged divorce process. I have a record of securing settlements that preserve the quality of life for my clients and their children.

An Advocate For Fathers In Custody Matters

Serving the best interests of children involved in divorce means preserving their relationships with both parents whenever possible. Unfortunately, gender stereotypes can play into child custody decisions that adversely affect fathers. Too often, they find themselves taking a secondary parenting position when a marriage ends.

Because I raised my own kids in a blended family, I know the important role loving fathers play in nurturing their children. I will fight to reach a settlement that is fair to you and protects your child’s best interests. With careful planning and a firm understanding of the law, the integrity of a family can be preserved even when the family unit is divided.

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