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Will Alimony Be A Part Of Your Divorce?

Following a divorce, your financial situation will probably not be the same as prior to the divorce. In Massachusetts, there are currently no hard and fast guidelines for determining alimony, also called spousal support. However, we can predict that the judge will consider the income of both parties and several other elements that may affect the final spousal support payment if any. Whether you are a possible recipient or payer, you need a hard-working, knowledgeable lawyer to help protect your rights and look out for your best interests.

Massachusetts Spousal Support Attorney

A variety of factors may contribute to the final court-ordered spousal support amount, including, but not limited to:

  • The income of both parties
  • The need for the potential recipient
  • The payer’s ability to pay
  • Child support, child care costs and other expenses related to your children
  • Health care and insurance costs
  • The length of the marriage

I have experience representing both recipients and payers in spousal support matters, and I know what to expect. I will help you understand the reality of the situation and will make recommendations based on your goals.

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