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Attorney For Changing Child Custody And Support In Massachusetts

Life presents changes — some are expected and others are not. People relocate, change jobs and remarry. Children grow up. Decisions made during your divorce may no longer be relevant to your current situation. If it is time to make a change to an existing court order, such as a child support order or a custody arrangement, contact me, attorney Claudette-Jean Girard. I help people seeking post-divorce modifications throughout western Massachusetts.

Modify Child Custody In Massachusetts

The decisions made during your divorce may have been optimal at one point in time, but as children grow and life circumstances change, existing child custody and visitation orders often need to be modified.

In these situations, the person seeking the modification must prove a material and substantial change in circumstances. For example:

  • The parenting schedule is not being followed and the party seeking modification has taken over caring for the child, and the other parent has exercised no visits in several years.
  • The child is older and desires to reside with the other parent.
  • The child has been abused while in the care of one parent.

I am a family law attorney who can relate to what you are going through. I know that life rarely stays the same. I also know how emotionally trying these matters can be, especially when they involve your children.

I have experience representing parties on all sides of child custody and child support modifications. I will help you identify relevant evidence to support or refute a modification, and I will offer strong legal guidance, as well as personal insight.

Enforcement And Contempt Of Court

Often, if one party cannot realistically comply with a court order, a modification might be necessary. However, when someone does not pay child support or refuses to give up a child for scheduled parenting time, he or she could be held in contempt of court. If you need help with enforcing a judgment, or if you are being accused of violating a court order, I can represent you.

If you are attempting to enforce a judgment through a contempt proceeding, I can help you enter a plea for the other (offending) party to pay all of your fees and expenses incurred in enforcing the judgment. While the Judge has the final say regarding the amount of fees awarded, it is possible that a contempt action could cost you little or nothing.

It can be comforting to receive advice from a lawyer who has been in your shoes. Call 877-622-6089 to arrange a free 30-minute consultation with a Springfield divorce modification attorney or contact me online.