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Fathers And Primary Custody

As a result in changing parental roles in the family, more fathers are being awarded primary physical custody of their children.

A fathers’ rights revolution is sweeping the nation, as dads everywhere challenge the court system in order to gain joint or primary physical custody of their children. America has seen a substantial change in family roles and dynamics throughout the years. This change in gender and parenting roles has contributed to an increased number of fathers being awarded custody of their children in Massachusetts divorce cases.

One recent story involving a prominent actor has gained significant media attention and has paved the way for many fathers facing similar situations to come forth. The actor lost all paternal rights to his child who was conceived through in vitro fertilization 4 years ago. In another story, a group of fathers in Utah banded together to sue the state regarding a law that allows mothers to arrange adoptions for their children without paternal consent. As more and more fathers fight for the right to have custody of their children, more fathers are being awarded custody, as reported by a member of the State Bar of New York.

The increase of single-father households

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, the number of single-father households in America has risen by 6.7 million over the last fifty years. The study found that while just over 1 percent of U.S. households with children were headed by a single-father in 1960, more than 8 percent of households now involve a father who has primary physical custody of his children.

One challenge that fathers face in custody cases may be directly related to the number of children born to unwed mothers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than 40 percent of children are born to unwed parents. This can create legal issues for fathers who are seeking custody or paternal rights.

Fathers as caretakers

According to a member of the State Bar of New York, an estimated 30 million mothers populated the American workforce in 2009. The numbers continue to grow as more women move their way up the corporate ladder and become more financially dependent. It isn’t uncommon to see more fathers staying at home to care for the children, while mothers are working to financially support the family. Fathers who assume the role of primary caretaker may find themselves in a better position to receive custody of their children.

Determining child custody

Judges often consider many different factors before awarding child custody. According to, some of these factors include:

  • Which parent is the primary caretaker of the child?
  • Which parent is better physically and emotionally prepared to care for the child?
  • Which parent has the ability to provide a caring, safe and clean living environment for the child?
  • Are there domestic violence issues involved with either parent?
  • Which parent would the child prefer to live with?

Partnering with a family law attorney

Rather than sit back and lose custody of their children, many fathers choose to speak out and fight for their kids. Partnering with an attorney who has experience handling paternity cases is essential, as they can be an asset to your case.