About My Law Firm

I founded my law firm with the goal of providing legal guidance with empathy, understanding and compassion through first-hand professional and personal experiences. Too often, attorneys focus only on the legal aspects of a case and do not truly identify with their clients. Based on real-world personal and professional experiences, I understand the stress, frustration and complexities of divorce. As a mother of a special needs child, I am also familiar with the unique challenges special needs parents face during family law issues, as well as within the public education system.

My Story

I am Claudette-Jean Girard, a lifelong resident of western Massachusetts. I currently reside in Monson, Massachusetts, with my husband and our blended family of six children. One of our twin boys, Benjamin, was born severely disabled. Through this life-altering experience, I have learned to navigate the public school system in order to gain the special education services my son is legally entitled to from the ground up.

I can also relate to my clients who are going through divorce and other family legal issues. I understand the stress, frustration and range of emotions that individuals experience when dealing with both family matters and a special needs child, and I have made it my mission to provide a high level of care and advocacy for all of my clients.

Is It Time to Talk to a Lawyer?

Whether you simply have a few questions, you're not happy with your current lawyer, or you feel you have exhausted your efforts and don't know where to turn, it's a good time to talk to an attorney.

Speak with a Springfield family lawyer who understands what you are going through because she has personally been in your shoes. Call 413-315-5518 to arrange a consultation or contact me online. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to give you the opportunity to discuss your legal matter and learn about my approach.