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Celebrity divorce cases could offer valuable information

For divorcing couples to make the news, the parties involved are typically well known celebrities. Massachusetts residents may follow divorce stories because there may be an outrageous seeming element, such as excessive property to be divided or high tension between the separating couple. Though people may find such situations intriguing because they are privy to a process they are not involved in, high profile divorces can provide relatable information for those who are contemplating or going through divorce.

Amiable divorce can cause less future stress for Hampden couples

When going through a divorce, a former happy couple could be at each other's throats. Though the marriage is ending, there are often residual feelings for one or both parties, and those feelings can lead to hurtful and spiteful actions. One party may believe that hurting the other person through certain actions may make the first party feel better, but some Massachusetts couples may find that keeping emotions in check and maintaining an amiable relationship during divorce can help further interactions in the future, especially if children are involved.

Positive outlooks could be beneficial in Massachusetts divorce

Massachusetts residents know the difficulties of divorce can often cause much upset for both parties, even the one who initiated the divorce discussion. Though hard feelings can arise toward separating partners, it is important to remember that being upset is natural, and more than likely both spouses are feeling some negative emotions. Focusing on positive personal emotions after a divorce can help not only oneself feel better quickly, but it can also lead to a more amiable divorce process and after period.

Marital property: Ease the division process in Massachusetts

As many Massachusetts residents know, property division during a divorce can become a big issue. There can be definite gray areas where the ownership of certain possessions is not an easy task to determine. In cases of marital property, one party may see ownership of an item while the other party does as well. In these instances, each individual involved must decide whether he or she is ready to part with certain pieces or fight for them.

Massachusetts divorce and negotiations for property division

Many readers in Massachusetts know that there are several issues that need to be negotiated as a couple enters the divorce process. These include child related matters for parents, spousal maintenance and the division of assets. For those with high amounts of wealth, the divorce negotiations can be contentious as soon-to-be former spouses seek to determine just who will own the property that was obtained during a marriage.

Massachusetts divorce often includes many decisions

Running a business together can be a financial benefit for some couples in Massachusetts. This is because of the doubled efforts that some couples put into a family-owned business to make it a success. However, when the same couple decides to end their marriage in divorce, whether or not to continue business operations together can be one of the negotiations in the ending of a marriage.

Divorce causes more financial harm the second time around

Marriage statistics across the U.S. show that approximately 50 percent of unions will end in divorce. The end of a marriage is always distressing, no matter how unhappy the partners may be or how much the split is desired. Financial concerns are some of the biggest challenges to face when it comes to divorce, and new research suggests that the financial toll of divorce gets harder the second time around.

Real estate the subject of a lawsuit in celebrity divorce

Massachusetts residents may be interested to learn that -- as is true in many divorces -- real estate is among the main concerns of a lawsuit filed against television and movie star Parminder Nagra. Her soon-to-be ex-husband has asked a court to award him a 50-percent share of three real estate properties and $500,000 in damages. The lawsuit comes during the couple's divorce and claims that James Stenson, Nagra's soon-to-be ex, managed all of the real estate and investments for Nagra, both before and during their marriage.

Seal and Heidi Klum say 'auf wiedersehen'

Massachusetts readers may be interested to learn that TV host and model Heidi Klum has announced that she has officially filed divorce papers against her husband, singer Seal. This divorce announcement comes after the couple told the media in January that they had decided to separate. The couple has been married for seven years.

Financial issues in divorce can be avoided with planning

Divorce can lead to financial issues for both spouses in some cases. This can be true when a Massachusetts couple does not plan their divorce effectively prior to filing. A review of the fiscal life of a marriage can mitigate financial issues as the divorce proceeds.

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