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Posts tagged "Child support"

Divorce filing for Holly Marie Combs of 'Charmed' fame

Many Massachusetts residents know and love actress Holly Marie Combs and her work. She is perhaps best known for her role in the long-running series "Charmed." It now appears that the actress is filing for divorce from her husband, after the marriage turned out to be less than her show's namesake.

Stevie B disputes unpaid child support claims

Some Massachusetts residents might be surprised to learn that pop singer Stevie B is accused of owing more than $400,000 in back child support. The singer was recently arrested and spent several days in jail. He denies the claim that he owes that much in unpaid child support.

Unpaid child support lands Massachusetts man behind bars

Like many other states, Massachusetts is getting serious when it comes to collecting child support payments. In a recent case, a Quincy District Court judge ordered a 47-year-old man held on $20,000 cash bail. The man was charged with a variety of offenses, including abandonment of a child without support and failure to comply with a support order. According to officials, the man has had some issues with non-payment of child support in the past.

Massachusetts man on 'Top 10 Deadbeat Dads' list arrested

A 47-year-old man identified on the Massachusetts Department of Revenue's (MDR) 'Top 10 Deadbeat Dads' list has been arrested for allegedly not paying child support for six years. He was found in Las Vegas and taken to Massachusetts on one count of abandonment of a child without support and one count of failure to comply with a support order.

Massachusetts man arrested for child support nonpayment

Most people already know that raising a child is an expensive endeavor. In today's economy, it's difficult enough to support a child with both parents working -- but when a parent is left to support a child on his or her own, the stress can be overwhelming. For this reason, courts have enlisted child support orders. The goal of an order is to ensure that children receive the monetary support they deserve. Unfortunately, those payments aren't always made in a timely manner, which can lead to legal ramifications. A former Massachusetts man is learning about those ramifications after he was arrested in Las Vegas and was cited for failing to pay child support.

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