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Man allegedly owed back child support for child that was not his

As many Massachusetts residents know, children are often the joy of a parent's life. Even if divorce occurs, many noncustodial parents want their visitation rights upheld and want to take the responsibility of making child support payments for their children. Child support can be a difficult part of a divorce process to sort through, but many parents are able to come to agreeable terms. However, the situation can be even more complicated when a non-biological parent is required to pay support for a child.

Parents facing back child support could benefit from new programs

As Massachusetts residents know, it is an unfortunate fact that some parents become unable to pay child support or for whatever reason choose not to pay. Some parents fall behind simply because they have a lost their job or feel they do not have enough disposable income to send part of it to support their children. When parents fall behind on their payments, it can become a very serious legal issue. Otherwise good and loving parents could find themselves facing jail time as a penalty for falling behind on their child support payments.

Massachusetts child support owed by noncustodial parent

A recent case from another, nearby state may be of interest to readers in Massachusetts. The issue involves the payment of child support by a father of a young child. In that case, the father argued that he was not the non-custodial parent of the child, thus he should not have to pay child support to the child's mother.

Massachusetts child support payments subject to collection

When a noncustodial parent in Massachusetts is ordered to pay child support, the payments are mandatory. In fact, the child support is typically owed each month unless a court intervenes to change the amount owed. When child support is left unpaid, collection efforts may include an imposition of fines and penalties on the noncustodial parent.

Massachusetts child support payments are mandatory

Massachusetts agencies tasked with finding those that have failed to pay their child support use many tools. These include searches of employment records and other official documents. Recently, Facebook profiles have been used to gain information about noncustodial parents who owe child support.

Failing to pay child support in Massachusetts can lead to arrest

Child support is a mandatory obligation for many non-custodial parents in Massachusetts. In fact, child support is commonly ordered in cases where a couple has kids and is ending their marriage through divorce. In such matters, the payments ordered must be made each month to the custodial parent for the benefit of a child. When not made, a non-custodial parent can find that they face penalties.

Massachusetts child support and alimony payments must be paid

Orders for payments such as child support or alimony are common in divorce cases in Massachusetts. In addition, child support and alimony payments are mandatory once ordered by the court. If a person in our state fails to make the monthly payments as required, they may find that they face penalties such as fines and jail time.

Massachusetts non-custodial parents must pay child support

Homelessness and unemployment came into the conversation during a child support matter that may be of interest to some readers in Massachusetts. In that child support case, a man was ordered to pay his mandatory child support payment or risk a return to jail and increased penalties. This came after the man had been convicted of felony child support failure to pay and other charges.

Massachusetts learns of child support owed by father of 25

Any time that a Massachusetts court issues a child support order, it becomes mandatory for the person who is ordered to make such support payments. The non-custodial parent is responsible for making those payments to the custodial parent of the child. The child support money is intended to be used for basic needs such as food, clothing and housing of the child involved.

Massachusetts attempts to collect child support payments

Readers in Massachusetts may be shocked to learn about the high amount owed in child support across our nation. In fact, the amount is over $100 billion nationally, according to one report. This amount reflects child support owed to custodial parents and to taxpayers.

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