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Is "coffee-shop divorce coaching" the new trend?

A divorce can be an agonizing experience for any couple in the United States, including couples from Massachusetts. It is unfortunate to see a couple who had once been in love engage in a war of words and fight over issues such as child custody, alimony and child support.

How can Massachusetts child support amounts be modified?

Massachusetts child support exists so that both parents of a child are taking a part in raising the child. Child support payment amounts are determined based on the income of the parents, so that the child can live within the means that they are used to.

How is the amount of Massachusetts child support determined?

Massachusetts child support is the amount of money one parent, the non-custodial parent, pays to another, the custodial parent, to ensure that the couple's child will be able to live comfortably, as the child did before the parents were separated. Child support is designed with the best interest of the child in mind.

How does income determine child support payments?

Child support is a monetary amount based on a calculation by Massachusetts family courts, which is intended to cover the economic needs of a child after a divorce, or if the parents are unmarried and living in separate households. Payments are made to the custodial parent who provides the primary residence for the child. Child support ensures both that the child's needs are met and that the parents are jointly involved in caring for the child.

Massachusetts parents may wish to understand child support

The financial aspects of divorce can often be a major concern for Massachusetts residents who are going through separation. Though the court costs and fees may only be applicable while the case is proceeding, it is important for parents to understand that other financial obligations will continue after a divorce. Child support is one form of financial obligation that parents will need to contend with after separating.

Massachusetts parents could face expenses on top of child support

Massachusetts parents often want to be able to provide their children with opportunities that they may not have had as a child. However, doing so may be difficult for single parents relying on child support. Though support payments are paid in order to help support the children, there are some expenses that child support may not cover or be required to cover. As a result, parents may wish to have discussions on how to share such expenses even though one parent may be making support payments.

Child support could differ in cases with special-needs children

There are several months out of the year that are dedicated to bringing awareness to certain causes. The month of April is National Autism Awareness Month, and with this month comes an array of information on many different subjects concerning autism and those who have been diagnosed with the disorder. As a recent report found, Massachusetts parents of children with autism are no more likely to divorce than those without special-needs children, but like all parents, those with autistic children could face the possibility of seeking divorce and handling child support issues.

Massachusetts dads may look for career, child support changes

When many Massachusetts individuals think of child custody, they may adhere to the notion that a mother should become the custodial parent. However, this ideal discredits a significant number of fathers who are just as willing and capable of taking care of their children. Unfortunately, there are still a considerable number of cases in which the mother is awarded custody of the children, and the father is left with child support payments and occasional visits.

Govt. shutdown causing concern over child support payments

The shutting down of the federal government has left many people across the country, including those in Massachusetts, wondering how they may be affected. Numerous people have been furloughed from their employment positions as federal offices have been closed, which has caused setbacks for some due to the lack of immediate income. Other individuals -- who have not necessarily been furloughed -- are also expressing concerns in relation to the shutdown and to certain income, such as child support payments.

Child support amount may seem unfair to Massachusetts parents

Money is a very important aspect of living to many people, but typically, Massachusetts parents find their children more important than money. Though this is often the case, figuring out child support payments can still be a difficult task for many separating parents. Varying factors can go into determining how much support must be paid, but the parent making the payments may still feel they are not getting a fair deal. Understanding what goes into such decisions and how custody agreements can affect the amount can possibly benefit parents facing child support payments.

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