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Putting an end to a Massachusetts child support order -- Part I

A child support order in Massachusetts or anywhere else in the United States may remain valid for a certain period of time. Typically, the child support order ends on a certain date or when the child becomes an adult. Once the child support order comes to an end, there is no need to pay it anymore.

What penalties do parents face for delinquent child support?

Divorce can have many negative effects on families, but one of the worst comes from the failure of a non-custodial parent of a minor child to pay court-ordered child support. Under Massachusetts law, payments must be regular, paid on time and in the full amount. The majority of non-custodial parents meet this obligation, but for those who do not the state can enact penalties in a variety of ways. For continual and persistent violations, criminal charges may apply, but one of the most common and effective civil punishments is the addition of penalty interest on unpaid child support payments.

Helping clients understand child support law in Massachusetts

Couples who are contesting their divorce in Massachusetts may find child support to be one of their major concerns. Generally, the non-custodial parent pay the child support amount that covers the expenses for the basic, educational and medical needs of the child. The amount is decided by a court after considering the incomes of both parents. The child support money is usually paid through the Department of Revenue, and the amount is directly deducted from the non-custodial parent's income source.

What are the federal child support enforcement laws?

According to the existing legal system, child support enforcement is a responsibility of the particular state. That means that most matters pertaining to child support in Massachusetts are under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts courts. Child support enforcement tasks are carried out by Title IV-D agencies according to federal laws. However, in certain exceptional cases, federal laws may also apply. Those federal laws are mainly related to child support enforcement, especially in those cases where the amount of child support that the parent owes is a fairly large amount.

The right information can help child support recipients

Child custody and child support are often the most contentious issues for divorcing spouses. Child support is often an ongoing dispute that continues until the children become adults. For unwed parents, child support can be an even thornier because support orders for a mother or father who is not married to the custodial parent can be tough to enforce. Massachusetts, however, has stringent laws against delinquent biological parents who fail to pay their support.

Enforce or modify child support in Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield, Massachusetts, parents know the many expenses incurred when raising a child. Education, healthcare and everyday expenses are just a few of these expenses which often require a fair amount of money and both parents are responsible for ensuring that their child has a stable and comfortable life. This responsibility is somewhat altered for parents who are separated. Those children often rely on court-ordered child support from the non-custodial parent.

How to file a no-fault divorce in Massachusetts?

Being the first state in the nation to legalize gay marriages, family law in Massachusetts is among the most progressive in the nation. However, statistics state that as many as nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. The dissolution of a marriage can be an emotionally taxing affair and a stressful time for all parties involved.

How will you know if child support payments are complete?

According to available statistics, there has been a sharp rise in divorce cases throughout United States, and Massachusetts is no exception. As parents engage in a war of words, children may fear that their cloak of security is being lifted away. Children may ask themselves, "Where will I live and who will support me?" These same questions are asked by parents as well because, in many U.S. states, child custody is usually given to one parent while the other is expected to pay child support.

Getting a divorce? Seek help from a Massachusetts attorney

Divorce can bring with it a lot of uncertainties. A divorcing couple in Massachusetts, or anywhere else in the country, may have a plethora of concerns when they decide to go their separate ways. These concerns include child support, child custody and spousal support. A couple may also worry about child visitation after a divorce. Amidst these uncertainties, one definitely needs the support of an experienced attorney.

Enforcing a child support order in Massachusetts

Most Massachusetts couples would agree that divorce typically comes as a shock to children. While spouses fight it out in court, children are often left feeling emotionally insecure. For older children, the prospect of financial insecurity may also loom large as they are unsure about who will pay their school fees, medical bills, and everyday expenses. In the best interest of the child, courts may give child custody to one parent and order that child support be paid by the other. Sadly, some parents do not fulfill their part of the deal and default on child support payments.

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