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Enforcement of a MA child support order is possible

For those, who have an existing child custody arrangement, they understand the significance of the arrangement. They also know how judiciously the Massachusetts family court carefully selected the arrangement to fit the best needs of their children, amongst other factors. As a parent, their number one priority is ensuring that the needs of their child are met. This is why it can be frustrating when a court-ordered child support order is either no longer functioning properly or the child's other parent is not holding up their end of the agreement.

Unpaid child support a major problem in Massachusetts

If there is a child support agreement between Massachusetts parents who are no longer together as a couple, it is important that it is adhered to. If there is a change in circumstances and accompanying problems with the supporting parent making the required payments, rather than simply not make them, it is important to try and find a way to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, the reality is that many parents supposed to be paying support throughout the area are not doing so.

How is income determined in Massachusetts child support?

Massachusetts parents know how difficult it can be to make decisions regarding a child. Sometimes, parents do not always see eye to eye when it comes to these matters, especially during a divorce. In divorce, matters such as child custody and child support can prove contentious. In many cases, one parent is awarded physical custody of the child and the other parent is ordered to pay child support. Once this is established, it then becomes necessary to determine the parents' incomes.

How to seek a child support modification in Massachusetts

Child support is an important concern for many families and both parents paying child support and parents receiving child support may have child support concerns. Both the paying parent and the recipient parent can request a child support modification. Modification requests may ask for an increase or decrease in child support or may request a change to medical support for the child.

How Massachusetts handles child support enforcement

In Massachusetts, parents who share a child and are no longer together as a couple might have one parent with custody and the other parent paying child support. This can often be a contentious and difficult circumstance that is rife with difficulty if there is a change in circumstances or other issues. Parents who are ordered to pay child support and are accused of delinquent payments can face various actions on the part of the state to try and get the payments for the other parent and child.

How is child support enforced?

As many Massachusetts parents know, child support can be an ongoing battle. Even after the initial amount is agreed upon, parents may still find themselves in a situation in which it is difficult to either continue paying the set amount, or get the other spouse to honor their end of the deal. When a spouse refuses to pay child support, life can become difficult for the custodial parent. Thankfully, there are options available.

Attorney assistance vital to determine child support payments

When parents divorce in Massachusetts, often child support may be imposed to help pay for a child's living expenses. Child support payments can provide essential financial support for a couple's children. The amount of the payment will depend on a number of factors, including the income of both parents, as this blog reported in a previous post. The determination of parents' income has the potential to be a complicated process, as in addition to salaries, investment income, veterans' benefits and other varied sources of income must be considered.

Tips for modifying child support

Many Massachusetts parents who have gone through divorce would probably be happy if things could be fairly settled and left alone. However, people's circumstances are always changing and there are parts of a divorce settlement that simply cannot remain static. Sometimes, with child support, it becomes difficult for a parent to continue making payments of the same amount. This can even become impossible, leaving the parent in dire financial straits. Thankfully, there are steps a parent in this situation can take.

How are the parents' income determined in child support?

There are many important considerations when it comes to child support. Not every marital arrangement makes these considerations clear cut. When it comes to child support, there are many complexities that can come into play. One common complexity that arises in many of these cases is the amount in which a parent should pay each month. This is not an easy determination.

Putting an end to a Massachusetts child support order -- Part II

In Massachusetts or in any other part of the country, a child support order remains valid for a certain period of time. In most cases, the child support order is stopped when the child becomes an adult. In an earlier post, some of the conditions that cause the child support order to stop were discussed. For instance, one such condition is when the child starts living with the parent who is paying the child support.

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