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Understanding Massachusetts shared custody

Massachusetts society is most concerned about children when parents divorce, and rightly so. The impacts are lifelong and affect what kinds of relationships children later develop with other people. One of the most important decisions in any divorce is which parent gets custody and which one pays child support. If parents cannot reach an agreement on their own, a family court will decide what is in the best interests of the child. The court can award sole legal custody to one parent or shared legal custody to both. In extreme cases, when neither parent is deemed fit, a court can even give custody to a third person.

Are custody rulings in Massachusetts fair enough to children?

The administration of some Massachusetts child custody case results may in fact turn out be unfair to the very children the courts were trying to help. The pattern of current child custody rulings may make children feel that they are property rather than human beings with rights and views of their own. Massachusetts family court rulings usually allow divorcing parents to spend equal time with their children.

Massachusetts earns a C+ on joint child custody

Massachusetts couples may agree that shared parenting usually addresses the best interests of the children. When a couple goes through the varied steps required to divorce, it is the children who are the most adversely affected. Often, children are sad and feel insecure about the uncertainty of their future wondering where they will live and who will be responsible for their education, medical needs and so on. In this crisis, parents should set aside their personal animosity and jointly take over the responsibility of caring for their children which gives their children an example of responsible adults.

Getting a divorce? Seek help from a Massachusetts attorney

Divorce can bring with it a lot of uncertainties. A divorcing couple in Massachusetts, or anywhere else in the country, may have a plethora of concerns when they decide to go their separate ways. These concerns include child support, child custody and spousal support. A couple may also worry about child visitation after a divorce. Amidst these uncertainties, one definitely needs the support of an experienced attorney.

An overview of child custody laws in Massachusetts

As divorce cases rise in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States, more and more children are being affected by their parents' split. In addition, parents need to make some big decisions, such as who will take over child custody and who will pay for child support.

Is "coffee-shop divorce coaching" the new trend?

A divorce can be an agonizing experience for any couple in the United States, including couples from Massachusetts. It is unfortunate to see a couple who had once been in love engage in a war of words and fight over issues such as child custody, alimony and child support.

We can help with child custody matters

Child custody is a very difficult but necessary facet of divorce for many Massachusetts families. Massachusetts courts decide child custody and visitation rights in accordance with the child's best interests, but they also try to ensure the plan works for both parents.

Massachusetts children may be confused about child custody

For Massachusetts children, the divorce of their parents may be difficult for them to understand. Furthermore, the idea of child custody agreements and what it means for them and their relationships with their parents may be even more confusing. As such, parents may want to ensure that their children understand how divorce was the right choice for the family and how custody agreements will affect them.

Could gatekeeping violate Massachusetts child custody agreements?

When Massachusetts parents gain primary custody of their children after divorce, they may feel joyous with the outcome, especially if the other parent was abusive or otherwise harmful toward the children. In such child custody cases, some parents may feel that they need to do whatever is necessary to keep the other parent away. Unfortunately, some parties may also use this gatekeeping tactic as a way to punish noncustodial parents who may not be bad for their children.

Child custody cases could interest Massachusetts parents

Some Massachusetts residents may think that celebrities lead perfect lives. However, many actors and actresses and other well-known individuals can face divorce and child custody issues just as other people can. These proceedings can be difficult, especially because they are often covered by news outlets, but concerned parties may be able to learn from the situations that celebrities find themselves in.

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