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The difference between parenting coordinators and "GAL"s

A previous post here discussed the role of a guardian ad litem, or "GAL" for short. A GAL may be an important part of a Massachusetts child custody or visitation case. However, a GAL is not the only third party who may be involved in a custody case.

What is a guardian ad litem?

Since this Springfield, Massachusetts, blog has discussed guardianships and how they can help families protect their beloved children in difficult circumstances, we felt like it was important to make a distinction between a guardian ad litem and a straight-up guardian, as both terms may come up in Massachusetts child custody cases.

Child custody matters may come to light during the holidays

When the partners to a Massachusetts married couple end their relationship there can be a host of legal matters they must sort out. Particularly if the partners share children will they have to establish custodial, visitation and support matters before their affiliation is officially severed through divorce. Parents in Massachusetts can share the legal and physical custody of their kids or their courts may establish sole custody arrangements if they serve the best interests of the children.

Parenting time interference is a serious family law issue

Not all couples who marry and have children end up living their lives together until death parts them. Rather, a number of Massachusetts families undergo transitions from shared households into separate households as the parents go through divorces and bring their unions to their ends. When parents separate or otherwise end their relationships it is often necessary for them to create a custodial parenting plan or to have a court draft an order addressing such issues for the benefit of their parents' shared children.

Accusations become ugly in NFL player's child custody case

In matters related to the custody of children, courts throughout Massachusetts as well as throughout the rest of the United States look to preserve the children's best interests. Achieving this important standard can require courts to examine the personal and professional lives of the parents and individuals who appear before them seeking custodial power over the children. In doing so individuals who wish to attain custody of the children can make damaging accusations against the other individuals whose intentions also include custodial rights.

Considering a child's special needs in child custody decisions

Children are beautiful and unique reminders of how innocent life can be. For Massachusetts parents who have had to go through divorce, it can be terribly upsetting to inflict the stress and strain of a marital dissolution on kids whose lives should be filled with happiness. However, it is often best for everyone in a family for the parents' relationship to end and when a divorce is occurring there are important steps that parents can take to protect the unique needs of their children.

Massachusetts grandparents may have rights to visitation

In the event that Massachusetts parents decide to divorce, it is likely that either on their own or with the help of the court a child custody and visitation plan will be created. When child custody orders and agreements are prepared they are drafted with the best interests of the children in mind and for this reason they can be rather subjective and can vary depending upon the needs of the children.

Is it important for me to fight for legal custody of my child?

Often, when parents begin to stress over child custody matters, their concerns surround where their children will live and which parent will have physical control over them. Matters related to the physical placement of a child are part of the child's physical custody plan, and in Massachusetts a parent may have sole physical custody of the child or share it with the child's other parent.

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