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Are custody rulings in Massachusetts fair enough to children?

The administration of some Massachusetts child custody case results may in fact turn out be unfair to the very children the courts were trying to help. The pattern of current child custody rulings may make children feel that they are property rather than human beings with rights and views of their own. Massachusetts family court rulings usually allow divorcing parents to spend equal time with their children.

We can help with child custody matters

Child custody is a very difficult but necessary facet of divorce for many Massachusetts families. Massachusetts courts decide child custody and visitation rights in accordance with the child's best interests, but they also try to ensure the plan works for both parents.

Massachusetts child custody: Seemingly minor incidents a factor?

Many Massachusetts parents know that choosing what is best for their children is not always an easy task. The difficulty of the situation can sometimes be increased if parents are divorced and do not always agree on how incidents should be handled. If one parent feels particularly strongly about an event, that parent may question the other's parenting abilities, and a serious child custody situation could result.

Massachusetts child support a separate issue from visitation

Parents in Massachusetts likely want to work hard to make sure that all decisions made during divorce are made in the best interests of their children. Among these determinations are child support and child custody arrangements. After the divorce, if there are issues in the living arrangements of a child or the payment of support, it can leave the custodial parent in a quandary about how to rectify the situation and stay on track.

Is presumed joint child custody the right move?

Determining child custody in a divorce can be an emotional issue for both parents in Massachusetts. While each parent wants what is in the best interests of their children, they often disagree about where the children should live. Adding to the child custody question is the issue of child support for a noncustodial parent in many cases.

Grandparents pursue visitation rights of deceased daughter's girl

A divorce can often affect more than just the parents and their children. Grandparents and extended family are sometimes left out in the cold and are at risk of losing their contact with the children, particularly when one parent ends up with sole custody. And for those grandparents who have been cut off from their grandchildren, many wonder if the law might offer them visitation rights to require a reluctant parent to share the children. One case playing out in Massachusetts and Rhode Island brings the issue into focus.

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