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Bring up divorce can be difficult for Massachusetts spouses

Divorce can often be a difficult subject to broach. When it seems that the decision to divorce is one-sided, bringing up that potentially hurtful conversation can seem almost impossible. It is important for Massachusetts residents to know that gaining information on divorce can greatly help in starting that needed conversation. Understanding that it can be a difficult topic and learning how to raise the subject can help a person wanting a divorce to move forward.

Social media could spell divorce for Massachusetts couples

With so much technology being used in Massachusetts and around the world, privacy can become an issue. Almost anyone could find information about someone else by using a search engine or social media site. Many people are almost too willing to put personal information on social media sites, and in some cases, they do not think of the potential consequences. When too much information -- or in some cases, too little -- is revealed, relationships can be affected. Recently, social media has been cited as some couples' reason for divorce.

Child custody: Helping Massachusetts children adjust to changes

When it comes to the decisions of child custody, young children affected by the situation often have no say in the matter. The best interests of the children are the most important aspects of deciding child custody, and these decisions may mean children being separated from one or both parents and possibly moved to a new location altogether. A significant change such as relocation can have a considerable impact on the mental well-being of a child. It is important to make sure children, including those in Massachusetts, are made more comfortable with life-altering decisions.

Divorce could have negative effects on Massachusetts children

Childhood should be an enjoyable time in everyone's lives to be looked back upon fondly. Going to school, making friends, and taking family trips should be memories that make people glad their childhoods were so pleasant. Unfortunately, not everyone has a slate of wonderful memories, and being caught in the middle of their parents' divorce can be very hard on children, including those in Massachusetts.

Marital property: Ease the division process in Massachusetts

As many Massachusetts residents know, property division during a divorce can become a big issue. There can be definite gray areas where the ownership of certain possessions is not an easy task to determine. In cases of marital property, one party may see ownership of an item while the other party does as well. In these instances, each individual involved must decide whether he or she is ready to part with certain pieces or fight for them.

Massachusetts led way for Florida alimony reform

Divorce often leads to many questions that need to be answered. Financial obligations of all parties involved as well as child custody and support tend to be the forerunners of issues that need speedy resolutions. The laws governing these issues can seem complicated and can become outdated. Massachusetts passed an alimony reform in 2011 which changed alimony laws for the state. This reform sparked national interest, and alimony reform is currently a hot button issue in Florida.

How a divorce attorney can assist in child custody

When it comes to divorce, many cringe at the thought of the legal fees associated with the process. Virtually everyone in Massachusetts has friends or family that has gone through the process and can attest that ending a marriage is not cheap. However, as with many financial decisions, the decision to attempt to save money at the outset could actually end up costing more in the end. This is especially true in instances in which child custody is an issue.

Decision making pitfalls in Massachusetts divorce

Many Massachusetts residents who have gone through a divorce look back and wish that they had done certain things differently. As with any significant decision, hindsight is 20/20. For those who are currently considering filing for divorce, or who have recently begun the process, the following tips may help avoid some of the negative ramifications of certain choices.

Massachusetts child support payments subject to collection

When a noncustodial parent in Massachusetts is ordered to pay child support, the payments are mandatory. In fact, the child support is typically owed each month unless a court intervenes to change the amount owed. When child support is left unpaid, collection efforts may include an imposition of fines and penalties on the noncustodial parent.

Massachusetts divorce: First prepare, then negotiate

Making the decision to end a marriage can lead to a host of other issues that need to be decided by couples in Massachusetts. In almost every case, couples work to divide the assets that they have accumulated during their marriage. In addition, questions surrounding child related issues and spousal maintenance are common issues in many divorce proceedings.

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