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December 2015 Archives

Important child custody terms in Massachusetts

It might seem unnecessary to explain certain terms regarding child custody to parents in Massachusetts who share a child; most might seem self-explanatory. But when planning to deal with the situation, misunderstanding terms can be problematic. Of course, it is imperative that the children's best interests are the focal point. In many circumstances, however, there are visitation rights at stake. Knowing these terms can help with the process and avoid confusion.

How Massachusetts handles child support enforcement

In Massachusetts, parents who share a child and are no longer together as a couple might have one parent with custody and the other parent paying child support. This can often be a contentious and difficult circumstance that is rife with difficulty if there is a change in circumstances or other issues. Parents who are ordered to pay child support and are accused of delinquent payments can face various actions on the part of the state to try and get the payments for the other parent and child.

Helping parents come to a fair child custody arrangement

For Massachusetts residents about to enter into the divorce process, there is undoubtedly much to think over. Splitting couples, in addition to considering property division and alimony issues, also have to make difficult decisions regarding child custody and child support. Child custody can be a particularly difficult matter because it determines how much time the child will get to spend with each parent.

Determining which party gets the house in divorce

In divorce, there is much that can prove contentious. Massachusetts residents going through the marriage dissolution process know how difficult many of these divorce issues can prove to be. After all, there are many aspects of a person's life that can change dramatically after a divorce. This can include what assets a person possesses, how much time a parent will get to spend with his or her children, as well as where the person will live following the divorce.

What records to keep for payers and recipients of alimony

Massachusetts residents going through a divorce may be worried about how they will maintain the quality of life they enjoyed during marriage. Sometimes, a person is a stay-at-home parent and may have been out of the workforce for years, making it extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to reenter the workforce. Other times, an individual no longer needs to work and takes time off, which can make it difficult as well well, because many companies will not hire anyone with no recent work experience. Thankfully, alimony can be a resource for these soon-to-be divorced people.

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