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I provide experienced legal guidance in family law, divorce and special education law. I represent parents and families throughout western Massachusetts.

December 2014 Archives

Massachusetts earns a C+ on joint child custody

Massachusetts couples may agree that shared parenting usually addresses the best interests of the children. When a couple goes through the varied steps required to divorce, it is the children who are the most adversely affected. Often, children are sad and feel insecure about the uncertainty of their future wondering where they will live and who will be responsible for their education, medical needs and so on. In this crisis, parents should set aside their personal animosity and jointly take over the responsibility of caring for their children which gives their children an example of responsible adults.

Qualified Massachusetts domestic relations and divorce

Massachusetts divorce is tough on most people. The longer the marriage, the tougher the emotional strains and the rougher the financial challenges faced by both spouses. Few Massachusetts couples are exempt from these challenges.

How does the guardianship process work in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, as in other states, there are times when a parent may not be able to take proper care of their child. In cases like this, a Massachusetts court can give legal custody of the child to another person through the concept of guardianship. A guardian is expected to provide a stable home environment for a child. The guardian is also supposed to make decisions about a child's education, health and safety. However, if the court renders a judgment that goes against the guardian's decision, the guardian must follow this order.

How will you know if child support payments are complete?

According to available statistics, there has been a sharp rise in divorce cases throughout United States, and Massachusetts is no exception. As parents engage in a war of words, children may fear that their cloak of security is being lifted away. Children may ask themselves, "Where will I live and who will support me?" These same questions are asked by parents as well because, in many U.S. states, child custody is usually given to one parent while the other is expected to pay child support.

Getting a divorce? Seek help from a Massachusetts attorney

Divorce can bring with it a lot of uncertainties. A divorcing couple in Massachusetts, or anywhere else in the country, may have a plethora of concerns when they decide to go their separate ways. These concerns include child support, child custody and spousal support. A couple may also worry about child visitation after a divorce. Amidst these uncertainties, one definitely needs the support of an experienced attorney.

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