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January 2014 Archives

Massachusetts couples may want to discuss divorce before marriage

Planning a future with a soon-to-be spouse can be an exciting time for a newly engaged Massachusetts couple. Some, however, may balk at the idea of discussing divorce before the marriage even takes place. However, going over the details and agreeing about property division issues in the event of a subsequent divorce could well be beneficial before getting married. Broaching the topic of prenuptial agreements can be a bit difficult, but some individuals could later regret not taking the step.

Massachusetts couples may wish to recognize signs of divorce

Many Massachusetts couples may not wish to go looking for signs that their marriage may not be working out. However, ignoring potential issues does not mean they are not there or that they will go away. If problems present themselves that may be enough to lead to divorce, it is important that individuals are prepared for how they may be affected.

Financial issues could hit older divorcing Massachusetts couples

Some Massachusetts residents may believe that their marriages will last a lifetime. Unfortunately for many, a lasting marriage is not always how it plays out. For others, the union may have lasted several decades, but is no longer working. When older individuals believe is it time to divorce, they can face a myriad of financial issues and other difficult concerns to navigate.

Massachusetts child custody issues can be hard for parents, kids

For recently divorced Massachusetts parents, learning how to take care of children both on their own and on the same page as their ex-spouse can be difficult new waters to navigate. They may feel stressed about the child custody arrangements or about trying to fully come to an agreement about those arrangements. The process can be long and challenging to face, but it is important that parents do not project their negative feelings about the situation onto their children.

Massachusetts child custody laws can play a role in relocation

After a Massachusetts couple goes through a divorce, there are some instances in which one party may no longer feel the need to live in the same area. While the desire to move may arise after a separation, child custody issues may need to be addressed before such an action can take place. Making sure to handle the circumstances in the correct legal manner could help avoid complicated events in the future.

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