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August 2013 Archives

Child support amount may seem unfair to Massachusetts parents

Money is a very important aspect of living to many people, but typically, Massachusetts parents find their children more important than money. Though this is often the case, figuring out child support payments can still be a difficult task for many separating parents. Varying factors can go into determining how much support must be paid, but the parent making the payments may still feel they are not getting a fair deal. Understanding what goes into such decisions and how custody agreements can affect the amount can possibly benefit parents facing child support payments.

Celebrity divorce cases could offer valuable information

For divorcing couples to make the news, the parties involved are typically well known celebrities. Massachusetts residents may follow divorce stories because there may be an outrageous seeming element, such as excessive property to be divided or high tension between the separating couple. Though people may find such situations intriguing because they are privy to a process they are not involved in, high profile divorces can provide relatable information for those who are contemplating or going through divorce.

Man allegedly owed back child support for child that was not his

As many Massachusetts residents know, children are often the joy of a parent's life. Even if divorce occurs, many noncustodial parents want their visitation rights upheld and want to take the responsibility of making child support payments for their children. Child support can be a difficult part of a divorce process to sort through, but many parents are able to come to agreeable terms. However, the situation can be even more complicated when a non-biological parent is required to pay support for a child.

Knowing results of divorce is important for Massachusetts couples

Making significant, life-changing decisions can be difficult for many people. They may end up staying in a situation longer than they should because they do not want to make the wrong choice. Divorce can be this type of situation for many as it is a decision that can affect a number of lives. They may feel as if they should sacrifice their happiness for the good of others and stay with their spouse. The decision to separate can be difficult, and there is much that needs to be understood.

Parents facing back child support could benefit from new programs

As Massachusetts residents know, it is an unfortunate fact that some parents become unable to pay child support or for whatever reason choose not to pay. Some parents fall behind simply because they have a lost their job or feel they do not have enough disposable income to send part of it to support their children. When parents fall behind on their payments, it can become a very serious legal issue. Otherwise good and loving parents could find themselves facing jail time as a penalty for falling behind on their child support payments.

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