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International child custody battle after father claims kidnapping

Children often believe that their parents always want what is best for them and will love them because they are family. Children should be able to feel this way toward their parents, but sometimes one parent can question the motives for why the other parent treats the children in certain ways. Child custody disputes can greatly exacerbate one parent's questioning of the other. Many instances show that parents are willing to fight for the custody of their children. When disputes become international, processes and legalities can prove to be extremely complicated.

Massachusetts parents may be interested in a story involving children who are the center of an international child custody dispute. The father and children live outside the United States, and the father claims that they have been living an enjoyable and peaceful life until recently when the children's mother began fighting for custody. The father states that the mother left the children, while the mother states the opposite. Trouble began when the couple's relationship took a difficult turn after they had moved together to another country. As their relationship began to end, the mother moved back to the United States with the children, and the father filed kidnapping charges.

The mother sent the children back to their father, but filed for divorce and custody from the United States. She was awarded both. The father is struggling to understand how such events could have taken place while he and his children live in a different country. The mother claims that the father would not dismiss the kidnapping charges in order to keep her from her children.

This situation is a very complicated child custody battle. Different laws must be taken into account not only for differing states but entirely different countries. As custody laws can vary greatly from place to place, anyone going through a custody dispute should understand the laws. Information on child custody and divorce in Massachusetts is readily available for anyone who wishes to seek it.

Source: Source: USA Today, "Cyprus dad questions ex-wife's motive in push for kids," Dan McFeely, July 12, 2013

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