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April 2013 Archives

Massachusetts child support payments subject to collection

When a noncustodial parent in Massachusetts is ordered to pay child support, the payments are mandatory. In fact, the child support is typically owed each month unless a court intervenes to change the amount owed. When child support is left unpaid, collection efforts may include an imposition of fines and penalties on the noncustodial parent.

Massachusetts divorce and negotiations for property division

Many readers in Massachusetts know that there are several issues that need to be negotiated as a couple enters the divorce process. These include child related matters for parents, spousal maintenance and the division of assets. For those with high amounts of wealth, the divorce negotiations can be contentious as soon-to-be former spouses seek to determine just who will own the property that was obtained during a marriage.

Massachusetts divorce increasing for older individuals

There are any reasons that people in Massachusetts seek to end their marriages in divorce. For those that are older, the reasons may include the loss of satisfaction with the union. This, one recent article says, is consistent with the history of members of the baby boomer generation who have seen increased divorce rates in recent decades.

Massachusetts child support payments are mandatory

Massachusetts agencies tasked with finding those that have failed to pay their child support use many tools. These include searches of employment records and other official documents. Recently, Facebook profiles have been used to gain information about noncustodial parents who owe child support.

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