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I provide experienced legal guidance in family law, divorce and special education law. I represent parents and families throughout western Massachusetts.

October 2011 Archives

Grandparents pursue visitation rights of deceased daughter's girl

A divorce can often affect more than just the parents and their children. Grandparents and extended family are sometimes left out in the cold and are at risk of losing their contact with the children, particularly when one parent ends up with sole custody. And for those grandparents who have been cut off from their grandchildren, many wonder if the law might offer them visitation rights to require a reluctant parent to share the children. One case playing out in Massachusetts and Rhode Island brings the issue into focus.

Actor Daniel Baldwin hit with divorce

Massachusetts residents may be interested to learn of yet another Hollywood divorce -- this time involving actor Daniel Baldwin and his wife. Initially, Baldwin filed for divorce and a restraining order from his wife in July of this year but the two agreed to dismiss the divorce petition in August. However, his wife has now filed divorce papers in Oregon.

Stevie B disputes unpaid child support claims

Some Massachusetts residents might be surprised to learn that pop singer Stevie B is accused of owing more than $400,000 in back child support. The singer was recently arrested and spent several days in jail. He denies the claim that he owes that much in unpaid child support.

Unpaid child support lands Massachusetts man behind bars

Like many other states, Massachusetts is getting serious when it comes to collecting child support payments. In a recent case, a Quincy District Court judge ordered a 47-year-old man held on $20,000 cash bail. The man was charged with a variety of offenses, including abandonment of a child without support and failure to comply with a support order. According to officials, the man has had some issues with non-payment of child support in the past.

Divorce filing for Red Sox pitcher John Lackey

Massachusetts loves its baseball but not when rumors of divorce are sprinkled into the news. Such is the case with Red Sox pitcher John Lackey. It was recently reported Lackey had filed for divorce from his wife.

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